Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Alan Hewetson was a man of mad genius. For too-few fevered years he helmed a line of horror comic magazines in the 1970's that endures to this day. Obviously inspired by Warren's CREEPY and EERIE comic magazines, Hewetson added his own touch, callling it a "mood-macabre". Many of the stories, mostly drawn by Spanish artists that were so ubiquitous in the day, were equal in shock-value to the Warren 'zines. But they all seemed to have just a touch of demonic twist that set them apart from anything else during their time. For that reason, PSYCHO and the other Skwald Horror-Mood mags enjoy a loyal cult following to this day.

A reader could often find articles mixed in with the comic stories. In PSYCHO #19, cover dated July, 1974, there was a piece on memorable moments in monster movie history.

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