Sunday, May 22, 2011


The second MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD poll closed last Sunday with a total of 55 votes cast. Thanks to everyone who participated. Besides the fun factor, these polls are designed to gain insight on just who it is that reads this blog and what people are thinking about when it comes to their favorite monster mags and monster 'zines in general. Be on the lookout for another poll coming soon!

Here are the results:

Option 1: I buy one monster 'zine a month - 15 votes, 27%
Option 2: I buy 2-3 monster 'zines a month - 14 votes, 26%
Option 3: I buy as many monster 'zines as I can get my claws on! - 10 votes, 18%
Option 4: In addition to buying off the stands, I also subscribe to one or more monster 'zines - 5 votes, 9%
Option 5: I only subscribe to one or more monster 'zines - 4 votes, 7%
Option 6: Right now, I'm not buying any monster 'zines - 7 votes, 13%

By the looks of it, 87% of the respondents are currently purchasing monster magazines. I hope that by regularly reading MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD, the other 13% find them interesting enough to give 'em a try!

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to click a mouse button -- I really appreciate your participation!

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