Tuesday, May 31, 2011


When I received a catalogue from the venerable OLDIES.COM a while back, I almost couldn't believe my eyes. Here was a chunky printed mail-order catalogue that was crammed to the gills with not only all sorts of, well, "old" horror and sci-fi DVD movies, but -- are you ready for this -- a huge selection of monster magazines and books!

Among the deep selection of DVD's you'll find such vintage films as THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE, HORROR OF THE BLOOD MONSTERS, INVISIBLE GHOST, and THE NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE, as well as all sorts of books on horror films (and other genres such as my second favorite topic, music), and . . . one of the largest -- if not the largest -- one-stop shopping places for just about every monster and fantasy film mag being published today. That includes a list of back issues from every title!

Since I noticed monster mag maker extraordinaire Jim Clatterbaugh's MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT among the listed tomes of terror, I thought I'd ask him "What's a mild mannered monster magazine maker's magazine doing in a 'mainstream' mail order catalogue"?

Jim was kind enough to offer up this exlanation:

"Steve Kaplan who runs Alpha Video Classics is a longtime MFTV reader and friend who I first met at the FANEX Conventions in Baltimore. Alpha is owned by Oldies.com which specializes in 50s and 60s music. For years their catalog only sold their DVDs and CDs, then they began selling other DVDs (mostly classic stuff). Then a few years ago they published Gary Rhodes' book, BELA LUGOSI: DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES. After that they began selling McFarland books and titles from other publishers (including MIDNIGHT MARQUEE PRESS). Finally, after Tower Records went out of business, Steve began contacting publishers of various genre publications offering to sell their magazines. Now next to Diamond Comics, they probably purchase more genre magazines for resale than anyone else. They definitely are my number two customer.

They print their catalog monthly and ship around a million copies so the word is getting out about our publications. Lucky for me, MFTV is constantly one of their top sellers. The other good thing is they pay in 30 days, no returns. Steve is one of the good guys and a true fan of classic horror and sci-fi films along with vintage television."

Now, folks, this sounds to me like besides ordering directly from the publisher, OLDIES.COM is the best place to shop for your fix of monster stuff.

Check 'em out. Today's the last day of a huge Memorial Day Sale.

Click HERE for a link to the 'zines in the catalogue or go HERE for the front of the catalogue.

Happy shopping and don't forget to tell 'em MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD sent you!

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