Friday, March 4, 2011


I reviewed the one-shot disaster called CHILLING MONSTER TALES in a previous post. I believe the publisher is the same as the one who put together the (almost) equally dismal 3-D MONSTERS which was covered earlier this week. This time, a bit more ad space was sold for some frequently seen items from marketeers such as HONOR HOUSE PRODUCTS CORP. of Lynbrook, NY. We also see two more pages of AMERICA'S HOBBY CENTER ads, but neither spread offers monster items. It does, however, suggest another link to 3-D MONSTERS. There is also a half-page ad from a HUBBARD HOUSE in Boston, MA, selling inflatable monster toys. An outfit called HOLLYWOOD HOME MOVIES advertises 8mm films and slides, probably supplied by KEN FILMS. The paltry sprinkling of ads shown here will never be called any serious competition to Warren's CAPTAIN COMPANY.

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