Monday, March 28, 2011


For those of you who read the interview with The Yellow Phantom here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD just a couple of weeks ago, you will know that this year's MASK FEST was last weekend. To commemorate the event, as well as have an excuse to show some monstermaskabilia from various monster 'zines, I'll be posting a few day worth of material that I've come across that celebrate that tres cool art and hobby of mask making and collecting.

Today's entry is from the pages of MONSTER MANIA #3, published in April 1967.


Yellow Phantom said...

Oh ya!!! Looking forward to these John!

I don't have any issues of Monster Mania, and most of the info I can find points to the current publication. What's the background of the magazine?

John said...

MONSTER MANIA ran for three issues in the mid-1960's. It was an American monster 'zine that, oddly enough focused primarily on Hammer films. I believe it to be one of the better monster mags of the period. It was nicely produced and edited by Russ Jones, a Warren Publications alumnus.

John said...

Oh, and I do have all three issues, so look for a MONSTER MANIA thread on the blog roll sometime down the line, okay?


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