Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I was taking another look at today's post and just had to make a couple more comments. After closer scrutiny of the advertising material on these pages, I was struck aghast by some of the blurbs and, let's face it, some of this stuff is downright bizarre!

First off, what a strange claim to make that if you bought only nine (9) paperback books, you would have a "complete" horror collection. What a deal!

Next, nothing too wild here, just a drawing of a mask being sold as the "original" Frankenstein mask. I'm going to take a guess and say it was probably the Topstone Frankie being sold here. But, pay close attention . . . it's not just any mask, it's a grotesque mask!

Then, be the life (and death) of the party when you put on your weird "devil horns" and the even weirder "3rd Eye". And, don't worry. Like the ad says, they'll fasten themselves to your head -- no glue required! What has me worried is it doesn't say anything about being able to take them off. Oh, well.

And, lastly, I really had to do a double-take when I took a closer look at the "octopus" hands. Good lord! How strange can you get? And, who in their right mind would buy a pair of these? I guess that's the point, huh? Anyway, with these you would be able to scare the wits out of those meek looking persons. Plus, they're giant size! Like, crazy man!


Yellow Phantom said...

Octopus Hands... both bizarre and brilliant!

prof. grewbeard said...

i love Topstone stuff, wish someone would publish a book about it!

Paul B said...

I just discovered your blog and find it awesome. One time I attempted to order a two record version of Dracula narrated by Christopher Lee though CoF, but it never arrived. After waiting more than the “6-8 weeks” stated in the ad I sent them a letter asking about the status of my order. I never received a reply. Now, nearly 50 years later, I’m still waiting. Ha!


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