Tuesday, March 22, 2011


A relatively new phenomenon in the monster mania universe is that of the so-called "action figure". Now, action figures as toys have been around for a long time. The 60's monster craze was not without the legendary Marx Toys orange and blue-colored series of plastic monsters. But, by and large, action figures were generally reserved for military, western and other, well, action-oriented genres. Monster Kids were pretty much limited to building the famed Aurora line of monster models for their figure collecting. Then, Sideshow Collectibles blew the dungeon doors off with their multiple series offerings of 7" articulated Universal Monsters. After that, 12" figures, busts, polystone casts, and a multitude of other media has flooded the market, all designed to sate the seemingly insatiable thirst for monster stuff.

Sideshow's line has become one of the premier suppliers of monster figures, all designed for collectors . . . at decidedly collector's prices. They have released a number of limited series figures -- so limited that nearly all vendors or distributors are allowed only one (that's a single) unit to sell. Now that's what I call a limited edition! Definitely a far cry from the merchandise that a lot of us salivated over from Warren's Captain Company, wouldn't you say?

"This collectible rendition of Lugosi's Dracula, from Tod Browning's black and white classic Dracula, is the third 1/4 scale classic horror icon from Sideshow, which already hosts the recently released 'Nosferateu' Vampyre, and the upcoming Karloff Frankenstein figure. Dracula, featuring the likeness of Bela Lugosi comes completely posed with highly detailed, theatrically accurate clothing, and a hand painted likeness that brings Lugosi's hypnotic gaze to life. The Count has been brilliantly sculpted by accomplished portrait artist Andy Bergholtz. The clothing details and fabrication were achieved by the masterful hands of large scale figure artist Greg Mowry. The entire project marks another proud creation of the Sideshow Collectibles figure team. One available at $495,95."

"Lon Chaney, Sr. from the film LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT is presented here as a special "Silver Screen" edition, in full monochromatic grayscale, including all paint detail and fabric clothing. The 1:4 scale figure has a polystone body clothed in an authentic reproduction of the original costume. The arms are constructed of heavy-gauge wire sewn into plush fabric, allowing you to adjust the pose and gesture of the figure's arms. The figure is completed with realistic hair, a non-removable 'beaver' hat, and his lantern. Each figure is hand painted and hand finished, and includes the cobble-stone display base. Limited to only 250 pieces worldwide. One available at $395.95."

"Lon Chaney, "Man of a Thousand Faces," stars in the silent horror classic, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. In the film, based on Gaston Leroux's timeless novel, a disfigured, catacomb-dwelling musician (Chaney) terrorizes the Paris Opera House while attempting to turn a pretty chorus girl (Mary Philbin) into a star.

This Premium Format 1:4 scale mixed media figure of the Phantom of the Opera is beautifully rendered in polystone & high-quality fabrics. The figure is painted and costumed in grey-scale, true to his original silver screen presence - a museum-quality piece perfect for any home theatre, office, or collector's display. Each figure includes a hand-numbered display base. One available at $295.95."

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