Saturday, March 12, 2011


Randy, Temmi, Denisa, and Josh can hardly wait to enjoy their holiday fun on an exclusive beach -- South Beach – a stretch of virgin sand and sun, newly purchased by a young entrepreneur and to be developed as a tourist attraction. No one suspects, though, that in one of the nearby villages a strange creature will emerge, a creature which they call a jenglot, and that it thirsts for human blood. The captured jenglot is thought to be the protector of South Beach. The Jenglot is released back into the sea. Not long after, it begins to hunt down anyone who defiles the sanctity of the beach.

That means that the party-going group of college-types who have swarmed on to South Beach to shake their booty and get their freak on are acting decadently enough to rouse the “protective instinct” of the jenglot. Since this is a horror movie, you know what that leads to, don’t you?

JENGLOT PANTAI SELATAN (BEACH CREATURE in English), is a brand-new monster movie from Indonesia. The film is directed by Rizal Mantovani, who seems to be positioned for the moment as the reigning king of Indonesian horror. While BEACH CREATURE appears in every respect to be capitalizing on the recent Stateside success of PIRANHA 3-D, it also looks like it carries with it enough Asian influence to add a touch of that special something that only an Asian horror film can deliver. Frankly, I can hardly wait to see it on disc.

The film is produced by MAXIMA PICTURES and distributed by DREAMSCAPE PICTURES. The folks at MAXIMA PICTURES were kind enough to send promotional material to MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD all the way from Indonesia. Thanks to Yoen K, Executive Producer of MAXIMA PICTURES for providing the trailer, synopsis and production photos. I hope that you, your friends and family are all safe from the recent devastating occurrences in the Pacific.

I believe that some of the best horror films today still come out of Asia, and it’s good to see Indonesia getting in the act, too. You never know what we’ll see next!





As also seen in PIRANHA 3-D, BEACH CREATURE is not without its beach babes. Debby Ayu is an Indonesian actress that will likely see more -- ahem -- exposure, after the assured success of this crazy-looking monster flick.

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