Sunday, February 6, 2011


MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD has learned from editor and publisher Dave Davey that the release of UNDYING MONSTERS #1 has been delayed. Dave explains (edited from my correspondence with him):

"Diamond's order won't be received until around March 10. Since this is needed to help determine the total print run, #1 won't come out until April 1.

The UNDYING MONSTERS LIMITED EDITION has ceased selling because the printer of this issue reneged on replacing 82 damaged issues. Hopefully, this will be reconciled.

The LIMITED EDITION is in the planning stages for reprinting. It will no longer be called a LIMITED EDITION, rather UNDYING MONSTERS Vol.1, #0. There will be changes to the cover to distinguish it from the original, and it will not be individually numbered as the LE was."

MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD will keep readers updated as more news becomes known. I'm also hoping to have a scan of the great cover by Mark Maddox for you soon.

Stay tuned, monster lovers!

P.S. On a semi-historical note, tomorrow marks MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD'S 300th post!

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