Tuesday, February 22, 2011


No. 23/24 (Double Issue)
Editor: Alan G. Barbour
Publication Date: April (?) 1972
Publisher: Screen Facts Press
B&W covers and interior
52 pages (including covers)
Cover price: $3.00
Estimated value: $20.00

I covered a special SCREEN FACTS ALBUM edition in a July, 2010 post. In it I discussed the beginnings of SCREEN FACTS magazine and its creator Alan G. Barbour. Mr. Barbour was a highly-regarded writer and film historian. His name can be seen in many film publications, and he wrote a number of books including one on the Republic Pictures serials.

He also had access to massive stills collections. This special double issue of SCREEN FACTS spotlighted the Universal horror films and was promoted as "A Pictorial Salute to All Time Favorite Universal Horror Fills". And what a tribute it is! Filled with impressive, high quality shots of famous scenes from the various classic Universal monster movies, it is a visual feast for any fan of the era. Although a number of the stills are quite recognizable today, many have not had a lot of exposure since they were published here. I am particularly impressed with the portrait of Vincent Price from the TOWER OF LONDON. Also included in the sample images below is a great crane shot of the Universal backlot.

SCREEN FACTS magazine remains an indispensible resource for not only vintage horror film images, but historical cinema in general. This special monsters issue was printed on a toothy, matte paper. The repro qualities of the images are terrific. The only text are the captions at the bottom of each photograph. The rest of it more than speaks for itself.

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