Thursday, February 10, 2011


Below is an update on Philip Kim (Kong's) FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND magazine rogue appendage, FAMOUS MONSTERS UNDERGROUND. I'm still a little perplexed at this move. I'm guessing it's going for a target demographic, judging from the era of films that it focuses on. But then, the new FM puts some of that into the mix already. Does this mean that FM will be going back to its roots? I'll write a little more on this thought in tomorrow's review of FAMOUS MONSTERS #254. In the meantime, here's the press release on FM UNDERGROUND:

"LOS ANGELES, CALIF., February 9, 2011 -- It's finally time to pull off the hockey mask and give readers their first look at Famous Monsters Underground, the new bi-monthly horror and counter-culture magazine from Famous Monsters of Filmland. Since the debut issue of Famous Monsters Underground will feature a tribute to '80s horror, what better way to mark the occasion than with an epic cover of the decade's most notorious movie icons?

Our hand-painted cover by illustrator Marcus Parcus rounds up the guys who were just a little too handy with chainsaws and butcher knives. And since the '80s marked a far-reaching renaissance of the fright scene, we've buried a few Easter eggs for our more perceptive readers.

Famous Monsters Underground #1 is a celebration of all that was good about the 80's -- creepy campouts, imperiled babysitters, and nightmares made flesh. We chat with film legend John Carpenter about his classic horror flicks and his return to the director's chair; chronicle the rise of shock rock; and pick Tom Savini's brain about the '80s FX make-up revolution. We sit down for an in-depth interview with legendary exploitation auteur Frank Henenlotter, talk vampires and remakes with Fright Night and Child's Play writer/director Tom Holland, and go behind the scenes of the 1981 cult classic, The Burning. The debut issue also features exclusive contemporary content, including a revealing talk with Jack Ketchum about his new book and film The Woman, a profile of artist and tattoo legend Bob Tyrrell, a guide to the best genre sites on the internet, and much more.

Look for Famous Monsters Underground #1 in major bookstores and specialty retail shops this May."

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