Saturday, February 19, 2011


The people behind the camera of PIRANHA 3-D have a very good reason to party. The movie is well on its way to grossing a cool 100 million bucks. And, despite its already legendary status as "the bloodiest movie ever made", reviews have been generally favorable. Believe me, after watching it myself, I'd have to say it was quite a thrill ride and very much enjoyable. I even found myself laughing out loud a number of times at some of the over the top scenes. Then, of course, I've got a bit of a morbid sense of humor . . .

The film is packed to bursting with bikini-clad cleavage, bare skin, and blood -- lots of it, along with hanging flesh and chomped bodies. Halfway through, I was thinking an alternate title could be "The Revenge of Ivar's", as the fish get their justice, even with a cameo Richard Dreyfuss who whistles an awfully familiar tune while he's out on the lake fishing for bass -- but ends up landing something far more deadly.

Even with the steady undertow of adolescent humor, PIRANHA manages to maintain a solid footing on dry monster movie ground. The folks at RUE MORGUE magazine liked it enough to award it two best-of's for 2010, including "Best Guilty Pleasure" and "Goriest Scene" (Jerry O'Connell's lingering death-by-fish-teeth). The stunning horror hottie Kelly Brook as Danni is smokin' and the camera loves her every minute she's on the screen. After all, she spends most of her time in a red bikini, but so far I haven't heard any complaints about that. Jerry O'Connell chews up his role and spits it out in fine style as the manic Wild, Wild Girls film producer. Elizabeth Shue does a competent job as the Sheriff and Ving Rhames' role as deputy is left to a minimal supporting function. Acting kudos also go to Steven R. McQueen  (yes, it's his grandson) who plays Jake and his character's two younger siblings. A film like this doesn't spend much time on characters, though. But I have to say, the script and Director Alexandre Aja manages enough expository work to let us feel at least a little bit of something for them as he takes drags us mercilessly and headlong into the -- dare I say it? -- jaws of danger!

All PIRANHA-partied out.


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