Thursday, February 3, 2011


No. 2
Writer: Alan Riefe (pseudonym of Barbara Riefe)
Publication Date: 1964
Publisher: Herald House, Inc., New York
Color front cover/ B&W interior
76 ppg. (including covers/no pagination)
Cover price: 50 cents
Estimated collector’s price: $23.00 to $35.00
This is the special THE ADDAMS FAMILY and THE MUNSTERS issue. It also contains numerous stills from the TV shows BEWITCHED, BONANZA, GOMER PYLE U.S.M.C., and MY FAVORITE MARTIAN.
With gag captions still penned by Alan/Barabara Riefe (one could even say with confidence that the magazine was "Riefe" with humor), the jokes run from cold to hot as in any attempt at a humor magazine of this type and scope. It reminds me of what’s best and worse in monster magazines: nearly all of them tried their hand at humor – I’m surmising this was done so as not to be too “horrible” for the younger strata of the intended reading audience, as well as showing any overly-concerned parent that these monster books were really just another form of “funny” books … you know, nothing serious – and virtually all of them failed miserable at any kind of sustainable humor.
Lots of gags, not only in this magazine but in many other humor publications, took their cue from the comedy and variety (remember those?) shows of the day in which current ads, fads and other easily-recognizable pop culture subjects were simple prey for lame humor. It always seemed to get a laugh from the audience, though. You have to remember, this was the era where The Smothers Brothers and Dan Rowan and Dick Martin shared the crown as the kings of comedy and genius talent like Lenny Bruce and Shel Silverstein were “underground” and definitely verboten from being allowed too much media exposure.
This post is here by request from (the mysteriously silent) Mike Scott over at MONSTER MAGAZINES. I finally got it posted, Mike! Deadication also goes to Prof. Grewbeard at MAGIC CARPET BURN. Here's s'more wallpapers for ya, Prof!

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prof. grewbeard said...

waaay funnier than Marvel's monster jokes! fangs a lot!

"you ate the best part!"


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