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Vol. 1 No.4
June 1971
Skywald Publishing Corporation
Publisher: Sol Brodsky and Israel Waldman
Editor: Sol Brodsky
Associate Editor: Herschel Waldman
Cover: Harry Rosenbaum "Phantom of the Rock Era"
Pages: 68
Cover price: 60 cents

Rest assured, one thing you could rely on with Skywald is their way-out story titles. In Al Hewestson's second story for NIGHTMARE titled "Hag of the Blood Basket!", you knew what you were in for when he later took over as editor. "Shoot-Out at Satan's Coffin" is the runner-up for crazy title.This issue's cover art is by Harry Rosenbaum. It was incorrectly listed as Boris Vallejo. Bill Everett serves up another great one-page pin-up.

"Phantom of the Rock Era" (reprinted in Psycho #22, November 1974)
Script: Chuck McNaughten
Art: Ralph Reese

"Shoot-Out At Satan’s Coffin"
Script: Mike Jennings
Art: Jack Abel

"The Mad Mind Doctor!"
Script: Mike Jennings
Art: Dick Ayers; Mike Esposito

"A Nightmare Pin-up #3"
Art: Bill Everett

"Hag of the Blood Basket!" (reprinted in Nightmare Yearbook 1974)
Script: Al Hewetson
Art: Tom Sutton (as Sean Todd)

"A Living Death!"
Script: Mike Friedrich
Art: Tom Palmer

"The Horror on the Chapel Wall"
Script: Gardner Fox
Art: Serg Moren

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