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Published weekly for 101 issues from 1978 to 1980, this UK horror comic was marketed for girls, but it was one of the few of its kind that was popular with the lads, too. It's 32 pages were crammed full of stories and little extras and sometimes were accompanied by novelty trinkets (this first issue included a lucky charm bracelet). Many of the stories were initially serialized so that readers would come back to the news agent every week for the new issue.

Misty Super Special 1978 poster insert.

Misty was the hostess and was quite reminiscent in looks to Vampirella, which was also distributed in the UK. With raven-black hair and often wearing a bat or pentagram necklace, she had just the right allure for this spooky title. MISTY was extremely successful for two years when it succumbed to the fickle interests of its readership and became TAMMY. These are remarkable little comics and were enhanced considerably by well-done stories and art.

Misty Super Special 1980 poster insert.

No. 1
February 4, 1978
IPC Publications, Inc./Fleetway
Editor: Wilf Prigmore
Cover: María Barrera Castell
Pages: 32
Cover price: 0.08 GBP/10 cents USD

Script: Wilf Prigmore
Art: Shirley Bellwood

"The Cult of the Cat (Part 1)"
Script: Bill Harrington
Art: Jaume Rumeu Perera

"The Sentinels (Part 1)"
Script: Malcolm Shaw
Art: Mario Capaldi

"Paint It Black (Part 1)"
Script: Alan Davidson
Art: Brian Delaney

Script: ?
Art: Ken Houghton

"Roots: Nightmare!"
Script: Pat Mills
Art: María Barrera Castell

"Moonchild (Part 1)"
Script: Pat Mills
Art: John Armstrong

"Red Knee -- White Terror!: Beasts"
Script: Pat Mills
Art: John Richardson

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Rip Jagger said...

This is totally new to me. Thanks for the intro. That image of her looking forward is striking.