Saturday, September 18, 2021


So far, I've come across nothing but accolades for B-movie producer Sam Sherman's recent book, "When Dracula Met Frankenstein". Well, I'm not spoiling the party because I agree 100-percent; this is one helluva fun book! Sherman was neck deep in producing and distributing horror and exploitation movies through his company, Independent-International Pictures, and his fare was of the type that both teens and adults flocked to watch in theaters and drive-ins during the 50's and 60's.

Told in a rollicking, first-person style, Sherman constantly delights in his quips, quotes and anecdotes about the trials and tribulations of film-making on a budget and the deals he had to make to get the things into the movie house. Along the way, we hear of all types of personalities, from actors and actresses, to distributors and movie insiders. Also, plenty of space is given to his partner and friend, director Al Adamson.

The first part of the book is Sherman's recollections of his rise from an on-the-cheap movie maker to his hits and misses during years of hard work and devotion to his craft. The second part summarizes his productions, along with his insights and memories regarding each one.

Loaded with photos, many of which you will have never seen before, "When Dracula Met Frankenstein" is a must have for any monster fan, film historian or critics who think that producing B-movies were easy to "crank out".

I give this book my highest recommendation, two claws up! Sam Sherman's book, edited by Tim Ferrante and a few of his associates is surely headed for a Rondo nomination for best book of the year.

Available directly from the publisher, Murania Press, HERE.

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