Saturday, September 25, 2021



While you can't classify it as indigenous horror as discussed in yesterday's post, this film however, qualifies as horror by indigenous people, as well as being known as one of the most gruesome and ugly "horror" films of all time.

Shot in the forests of Columbia, Ruggero Deodato's CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (1980) views much like a "mondo" documentary as much as it does a typical jungle adventure film gone viciously wrong. It was banned upon its release in the U.S. and numerous other countries for scenes of animal cruelty and sexual assault. Director, Ruggero Deodato was even arrested (and subsequently released) in his own country (Italy) for suspicion that the murders committed during his film were real (!). Needless to say, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST was and remains to this day one of the most controversial movies ever made.

One of the most notorious scenes - a staked woman.

So what better thing to do than to celebrate it in a horror fanzine? French editor, writer, designer and publisher Pierre Jouis did exactly that with his first issue of FANTASY FILM MEMORY SHOCKERS (July 1990). A French publication with English text, FFM's aim was to feature horror movies based on their shocking and controversial content.


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