Saturday, July 24, 2021


April 2021
Editor and Publisher: Jeff Smith
Cover: Jeff Smith
Pages: 52
Cover price: $6.95 plus postage

Sometimes you just can't keep a good fanzine down. After a 25-year hiatus, editor Jeff Smith is back with his film fanzine, WET PAINT, a one-shot return to film reviews of the weird, wild and wonderful.

One thing you will notice immediately is the 'zine is jam-packed with text; you definitely get your money's worth here. The design and layout is sharp and professionally printed by Kablam, a specialty printer for comics and magazines.

Highlights of the issue are interviews with actor/screenwriter Gary Crutcher, actors Mel Wells and M. Emmett Walsh, and Cine-Soupcon, a very lengthy look back at a number of off-the-wall exploitation/horror films by artist Stephen R. Bissette. New illustrations by the venerable Allen K. are included in the "MovieMania" review column.

Friend Tim Ferrante is also well-represented in this issue (see contents below), including an excerpt from the Ferrante-edited and just-published, "When Dracula Met Frankenstein" by independent filmmaker, Sam Sherman.

I spent an enjoyable number of hours reading this 'zine, and I learned about many films I have never heard of or seen before. So, if you're looking to read about some great personalities of the B-movie past and delve into some B-movie craziness, this is the mag for you.

Two claws up!

NOTE: WET PAINT doesn't have a large web presence at the moment, so if you would kindly spread the word, it will be appreciated.

  • Sister Tempest: A Study in Strange by JE Smith
  • Cine-Soupcon – Weirdfilm Reviews by Stephen R. Bissette
  • Interview with Screenwriter Gary Crutcher by Chris Poggiali
  • Exterminating Angel: The First Post-Modern Horror Film? by Greg Goodsell
  • EXIT – Indie Film Review by JES
  • Interview with Mel Welles by Dennis Fischer
  • Split/Vision: Death Game vs. Knock Knock by Tim Ferrante and Scott Voisin
  • Sam Sherman Book Excerpt presented by Tim Ferrante
  • Three Times Comes The Grim Reaper by Robert Freese
  • MovieMania: Random Reviews
  • Paul Milligan Mini-Portfolio
  • Secrets of the 4:30 Movie by Tim Ferrante
  • Vintage Interview with M. Emmett Walsh by Kris Gilpin
  • The Strange Fate of Luigi Collo by Robert Freese
  • Oh! What a Night: Meeting Dario Argento & Daria Nicolodi by Tim Ferrante
  • Art by Allen K.
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JE Smith said...

Hi John -- Thanks so much for spotlighting the new issue of WP. It is a true labor of love. And thanks to our mutual pal Tim Ferrante for pitching it in your direction. Your blog is much fun, keep up the great work! :)
~Jeff S.