Wednesday, June 9, 2021


The lovely Mara Corday was a welcome addition to three "giant monster" movies of the 1950's. Looking as though she could be Ava Gardner's cousin, the 91-years young Miss Corday was born in the California beach town of Santa Monica on 03 January 1930. She was a photographer's model and appeared in numerous men's mags, including the October 1958 issue of PLAYBOY, where she shared the centerfold honors with another model and actress, Pat Sheehan.

Corday appeared in many westerns during her career, but we know her best for her roles in three sci-fi/horror films, TARANTULA (1955), THE GIANT CLAW (1957), and THE BLACK SCORPION (1957). Following are a few delightful pics of Mara Corday, including her PLAYBOY photoshoot.

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