Sunday, May 30, 2021


I was going to post the cartoon here by Robert Crumb as a part of the "Apocalypse Soon . . ." series until I realized that I'd seen the image before. Sure enough, I'd posted the almost exact same image by Ron Cobb in a previous post.

Now, the question arises, who swiped from who? They appeared around the same time period -- maybe they knew each other and shared the idea? Or maybe it's possible with two titanic minds they came up with them independently. In any case, here they are together in all their post-apocalyptic glory.

Robert Crumb version.

Ron Cobb version.

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JMR777 said...

I think the Ron Cobb version has more of a punch- the stark, barren landscape, the hollow eyed look of the survivor and the broken TV screen making the search for an electric outlet all the more futile.