Saturday, May 1, 2021


Presented here today is my latest kit build -- Revell's 2009 reissue of the Aurora Dracula model. For a seemingly simple kit, this one had its challenges, mainly with parts joining, which isn't all that unusual, I guess. But still, I had to break out the putty more than once, especially on his cape.

Another detail worth noting is that the head that comes with this particular kit is gawd awful. I would describe it as almost cartoonish. Although it was a far cry from Lugosi's image, even the head that came with the original Aurora kit was better. So, I turned to Escape Hatch Hobbies and bought a resin replacement head (see photo below). Boy, am I glad I did as the result completely transformed the figure.

Another oddity on the parts tree was a tiny piece that didn't go with the kit. It almost looks the the inside mouth for the Creature From the Black Lagoon model. I'll find out when I open that box for a later build.

As with my other efforts, I spent a lot of time on this, building up colors, dry-brushing, etc., but it was worth it and a lot of fun.

I included the instruction sheet for the original Aurora kit and as you can see, it is superior in every way to the chintzy Revell version. Anyway, I was lucky to get it at a fair price some years ago at a fraction of the price that the Aurora versions are going for these days.

I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed the time putting Ol' Drac together.

Here are the steps I used in painting the base and nameplate.

And here are the kit instructions, alongside the ones that came with the original Aurora model:

The original Aurora kit box and parts:

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