Monday, May 3, 2021


The excesses of 1980's horror films spilled into the 90's like a river of blood and entrails. The new decade would continue the onslaught on viewer's senses with more heaping barrels of grue, guts and murderous mayhem. It would be a veritable feeding frenzy for special effects and makeup artists who were given the green light to create the most revolting and hideous characters imaginable, fed in part by inspiration from the new wave of explicit horror found in writers such as Clive Barker's bizarre baddies, Splatterpunk's Skipp & Spector and Richard Laymon's slice 'n dice extravaganzas. As the venerable Stephen King once said: "[If] I cannot horrify, I'll go for the gross-out".

In the world of print, the magazine TOXIC HORROR both reflected and epitomized the 80's and 90's state of horror films, videos, comics and other media. A cousin to STARLOG, FANGORIA and GOREZONE, TH last only for five, but potent issues, this being the third.

Now, dive into this modern monster mash and don't forget to bring you butcher knife to cut up the stringy parts!

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