Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Vol. 1 No. 1
Oct./Nov. 1972
Publisher: Simplex Textured Reproductions
Associate Publisher/Editorial Director: Harry Belil
Editor: Gary Parsons
Associate Editor: Lydia Belil
Managing Editor: Timothy Beckley
Cover: Photo cover
Pages: 64
Cover price: 75 cents

In an amazing article in the first issue of this paranormal/occult magazine, boxing champ Muhammad Ali talks about his encounters with flying saucers! After seeing some lights -- and not the occasional ones he saw in the ring -- he was shown a compilation film of UFO's by BEYOND REALITY's staff, after which he opened up about his own experiences with strange aerial phenomena. Accompanied by a signed drawing by Ali (still also known by his former name, Cassius Clay) the article reveals that he had been witness to numerous sightings of lights and other unexplained objects in the sky. "This country could really be saved if people would just understand what UFO's mean", he concluded.

While there are no "monsters", per se to be seen here, there's still plenty of weird stories to read. A panoply of occult, astrology and psychic articles fill the issue with interesting material. Informative features include how to increase your income with ESP, astral projection, witchcraft, tarot cards and a haunted house investigation, just to name a few.

This magazine is typical of the "psychic" 'zines that were published during the time (FATE, EXPLORING THE UNKNOWN, etc.), and as kooky as a publication like this may seem today, it is indicative of a paranormal industry that would soon explode into a worldwide phenom.

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