Saturday, September 21, 2019


Vol. 1 No. 1
Fall 1993
Publisher: Frederick S. Clarke
Editor: John Thonen
Cover: David Voigt
Pages: 64
Cover price: $5.50

After the overwhelming success of CINEFANTASTIQUE and FEMME FATALES, what do you do for an encore? Publisher Frederick S. Clarke attempted to answer this question by producing a third title with his name on the masthead by the name of IMAGI-MOVIES. Editor John Thonen's introduction to the first issue states the purpose of this particular title was to focus more on low-budget and B-movies. Nevertheless, the magazine is half-full of covering big-budget Stephen King films. Aligning more with the asserted editorial theme is an article on Roger Corman and Full Moon Entertainment's alliance. Other notable content is coverage of ALIEN 3, MANIAC COP, and Japanese animated film UROTSUKIDOJI, along with the usual reviews. IMAGI-MOVIES is designed and written with the same quality as Clarke's other two publications, but somehow doesn't click on all cylinders. Would issue #2 kick into gear?

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