Friday, April 19, 2019


Vol. 1 No. 5
Summer 1952
Approved Comics, Inc. (Ziff-Davis Comic Group)
Editor: Ben Martin
Cover: ?
Pages: 36
Cover price: 10 cents

The last of the series is also the weakest, story-wise. Horrifying elements are reduced to simple murder/revenge tales and the artwork is not quite up to snuff. The editor, Ben Martin, and the scripter, Robert Bernstein, are finally identified, but it doesn't do much to rouse this issue much above the mediocre. WEIRD THRILLERS was never in contention for the scariest, creepiest, bloodiest horror comic of the pre-code 1950's but the use of painted covers in the pulp style, including the Rondo Hatton look-alike photo cover on #1, and more than competent artwork (for the most part) place this title in the realms of the notable.


"Payment in Full"
Script: Robert Bernstein
Art: Ray Willner

"The Stalking Doom"

Script: Robert Bernstein?
Art: Sol Brodsky?

"Cagliostro - Swindler or Superman?" (text story)

"Wings of Death"
Script: Robert Bernstein
Art: Frank Giacoia

"All the King's Men"

Script: Robert Bernstein
Art: Bob Powell

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