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Volume 1, Number 11
Whole number 2
April 1966
Eerie Publications
Publisher: Robert W. Farrell
Editor: Carl Burgos
Art Director: Myron Fass
Cover: Bob Powell
Pages: 52
Cover price: 35 cents

Carl Burgos, inside front cover
Web of the Widow (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Haunted Thrills #16 (Ajax, July-Aug 1954)
Scream No More, My Lady (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Fantastic #10 (Ajax, Nov-Dec 1954)
Fangs of Fear (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Strange Fantasy #12 (Ajax, June-July 1954)
I, The Coffin (Robert Hayward Webb)
Reprinted from Fantastic Fears #7 (Ajax, May-June 1954)
Murder On the Moor (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Haunted Thrills #10 (Ajax, July 1953)
Be My Ghost (Iger Shop)
Reprinted from Fantastic Fears #8 (Ajax, July-Aug 1954)
Monster in the Mist (Robert Hayward Webb)
Reprinted from Haunted Thrills #17 (Ajax, Sep-Oct 1954)
Night of Terror (Iger Shop/touch-ups by Carl Burgos)
Reprinted from Voodoo #16 (Ajax, July-Aug 1954)
Little Red Riding Hood and the Werewolf (Myron Fass?)
Reprint of "Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Werewolf", Fantastic Fears #2 [whole number 8] (July 1953)

This is the second issue of a volume of uncredited reprints from the Ajax Farrell line of pre-code horror comics. Besides Carl Burgos' original work on the CREEPY rip-off of "Loathsome Lore", he also added some touch-ups and flourishes to the story, "Night of Terror". Otherwise, most of the work is done by the Jerry Iger shop of production line comics.  It would be a few more issues before the grisly covers would begin, but in the meantime, WEIRD serves up a plate of. . . well, weird horror comic stories.

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