Monday, March 18, 2019


The search for hidden knowledge and power has been one of mankind's motivating forces throughout existence. That singular advantage over our mundane life can be attained by manipulating nature and unseen forces has been sought out by people in every continent and country of the world. Collectively known as "the occult", the story of this secret knowledge and all its attendant angels, demons and monsters, has been expertly assembled by the editors of ALL ABOUT HISTORY magazine into a "bookazine" titled, HISTORY OF THE OCCULT.

Handsomely designed, it covers all the major topics of the occult through the ages. Sections include information on the Kabbalah, Astrology, Renaissance magic, Paracelsus, magical Egypt, John Dee, alchemy, Hitler and the Occult, and much more.

This storehouse of information will be shown in four parts as a part of MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD'S special "occult week".

For those wishing to explore further into the history of forbidden knowledge, I strongly suggest you track down a volume of Manley P. Hall's SECRET TEACHINGS OF ALL AGES.

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