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"Aye, I know all about war! About men...caught in the maelstrom of nations in conflict...! Yes... I know about war! Let me tell you of the things I've seen! Listen...carefully..." Death, in Weird War Tales

Vol. 1 No. 1
October 1971
National Periodical Publications (DC Comics)
Editorial Director: Carmine Infantino
Editor: Joe Kubert
Cover: Joe Kubert
Pages: 52
Cover price: 25 cents

"Let Me Tell You the Things I've seen": 
Writer and artist: Joe Kubert

"The Secret Fort Which Did Not Return"
Writer: Robert Kanigher
Artist: Russ Heath

"The Story Behind the Cover"
Writer and artist: Joe Kubert

"The End of the Sea Wolf"
Writer: Bob Haney
Artist: Joe Kubert

"Baker's Dozen"
Writer: Ed Herron
Artist: Irv Novick

"You Must Go"
Writer and artist: Joe Kubert

Bookended by a story hosted by Death itself, the first issue of WEIRD WAR TALES is off to its 124-issue run (September–October 1971 to June 1983). With a title inspired by Joe Orlando, Joe Kubert developed the book as a part of the war comics that he edited at DC. Each story deals with a supernatural or other mysterious theme set against the backdrop of battle. While not having quite the impact of Warren's BLAZING COMBAT (see last week's posts), WWT nevertheless packs a pretty good punch.

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