Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Marvel comics legend Marie Severin (sister of John) used the humorous themes in the NOT BRAND ECHH comics to illustrate a guide on how to be a successful comic book artist. It is, of course, a spoof like most of the other strips in the book.

Just what kind of artist was Marie Severin? One of the greats, according to many. To prove the point, check out the excellent work she did in the illustration of Disney's Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket below.

Auction Description:
Marie Severin Not Brand Echh #11 Complete 2-Page Story Production Stats (Marvel Comics, 1968). Stan Lee had named Marvel's parody book, Not Brand Echh, after a disparaging advertising term, Brand X. Lee referred to rival DC Comics as "Brand Echh." ("Echh" is sound-effects shorthand for a gagging noise.) Hence the title. The magazine concerned itself primarily with affectionate spoofs of Marvel's own characters, but once in a while it would address a broader spectrum of sarcasm -- such as this gem from the excellent Marie Severin. Her satire of her own profession is delightfully edgy. Though designed to serve as art in itself, the story is in fact composed of pasted-up photocopies, printed for high contrast. Each page is signed in the 10" x 15" image area.

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