Saturday, April 14, 2018


Nov. (?) 1971
Warren Publications
Editor and Publisher: James Warren
Managing Editor: Billy Graham
Cover artist: Alain Aslan
Pages: 68
Cover price: 75 cents

Alain Aslan's cover art was originally intended for VAMPIRELLA's first issue, but Warren rejected it. Instead, we were gifted with an excellent rendition of the Queen of Drakulon by Frank Frazetta. This annual is considered by collectors is considered to be "somewhat scarce" according to David Horne's superb Warren encyclopedia, GATHERING HORROR.

"The Origin of Vampirella" (original story) Story by: John Cochran; art by: Jose Gonzalez
"The Curse of Circe" (from Vampirella #6) Story by: Gardner Fox; art by: Jerry Grandenetti
"Goddess From the Sea" (from Vampirella #1) Story by: Don Glut; art by: Neal Adams
"The Curse" (from Vampirella #9) Story and art by Wallace Wood
"Snake Eyes" (from Vampirella #8) Story by: Nicola Cuti; art by: Jack Sparling
"Forgotten Kingdom" (from Vampirella #4) Story by Bill Parente; art by: Ernie Colon (a David St. Clair)
"Vampi's Feary Tales" (from Vampirella #2) "The Bride of Frankenstein" Story and art by Tom Sutton; (from Vampirella #8) "Unrequited Love" Story and art by Tom Sutton; (from Vampirella #9) "Lilith" Story by Nicola Cuti, art by Jeff Jones"

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