Thursday, April 5, 2018


April 1974
Skywald Publishing
Editor: Alan Hewetson
Publisher: Israel Waldman
Cover art: Montage of covers
Pages: 68
Price: 75 cents

"The Saga Of The Frankenstein’s Monster: The Brides Of Frankenstein" [Al Hewetson/Cesar Lopez] (new story) 
"Slime World" [Chuck McNaughton/Ralph Reese] reprinted from Nightmare #5 (Aug. 1971) 
"The Man Who Stole Eternity" [Gardner Fox/Bill Everett] reprinted from Psycho #3 (May 1971) 
"Beware Small Evils!" [Jack Katz & Frank Giacoia] reprinted from Nightmare #3 (Apr. 1971) 
"The Inner Man" [Tom Sutton/Tom Sutton & Dan Adkins] reprinted from Nightmare #3 (Apr. 1971) 
"The Deadly Mark Of The Beast!" [Len Wein/Syd Shores & Tom Palmer] reprinted from Nightmare 
#1 (Dec. 1970) 

As script and art were virtually interchangeable between titles, nearly all the stories in this PSYCHO YEARBOOK are from NIGHTMARE. The issue is dedicated to Bill Everett and Syd Shores, who had passed away. Both were talented artists that began their careers during the Golden Age of comics.


Dr. Theda said...

We have this issue, good Sir... a pleasant end of the week to you and yours...

Anacho said...

Hi John ! A very nice issue ! Tx ^^

Robert Deis (aka "SubtropicBob") said...

Wow! I never saw that one. Thanks for the scans of it!

John said...

Some good selections for this issue by Hewetson. Thanks guys, for the comments and for visiting MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD. I will be posting more Skywald soon!

Dr. Theda said...

Awesome, good Sir... (they had in "Nightmare" or "Scream" an "Alice in Wonderland" tale that we have looked for for over 40 years...) did enjoy "Horror Mood" comics as a kid... Great post !!!

John said...

Good news, Doctor!The story is called "The Thing in the Space" and it was in NIGHTMARE #18. Look for the "Monster Comics" tab under the MMW titles at the top of the page -- I've posted it there for you. Enjoy!


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