Friday, April 27, 2018


This just in from the folks at FANGORIA. In just a few more days, the all-new relaunch of the once-popular magazine will be off and running. Here's the 411, straight from the monsters' mouth:

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since our initial announcement, and we at Fangoria have been simultaneously encouraged and humbled by the amazing show of support. The message has been clear: Fango is missed, and Fango is needed. We take this responsibility very seriously, and we’re excited to bring you this update:

On May 1st at 3PM Eastern, Fangoria Magazine is open for business! 

That’s the day you can head to and subscribe. We’re exploring in-store options and single-issue sales, but for right now a one-year subscription is the only way to get the new magazine.

As the big day approaches, we wanted to share some important and exciting news with you, the Fango Faithful:

Our goal is to present you with a Fangoria that has grown up with the reader, and with the genre. Fango is 40 years old next year; like it or not it’s an institution, and we’re going to treat it like one.

As you might have heard, the new Fangoria will be quarterly. That means the reviews and news of the past are kind of out the window, but don’t fret: we’ve got some ideas to showcase upcoming releases that will retain the OG spirit.

Leaving the news cycle to the internet frees up room for a richer reader experience: deep-dive retrospectives and longform analysis; juicy, exclusive set visits; gloriously gory FX-centric features. Most importantly, classic Fango had unprecedented access to horror filmmakers, and we’re excited to bring back those first-person points of view from the people who are shaping the genre today.

Planned contributors to the first issue include Tim Lucas, Grady Hendrix, Matt Zoller Seitz, Russ Fischer, Ashlee Blackwell, Simon Abrams,
S. Craig Zahler, Meredith Borders, Anya Stanley, Sam Zimmerman, Barbara Crampton, Jacob Knight, and lots - LOTS - more. 

Cover to cover, the new Fangoria will be 100 pages. That’s 400 pages of Fango in your mailbox every year. It’ll be perfect-bound (Google it) and printed on collectible-grade quality stock.

Fangoria will also be presented with limited advertising. Say goodbye to shitting up every other page with ads. From across the room, it’ll look like classic Fango, but in your hands this is gonna be a whole new experience. 

Speaking of “in your hands,” this is not a drill: Fangoria Magazine will NOT have a digital version. It will not be available online. You’re gonna have to turn off the internet for a couple hours and READ A MAGAZINE, folks. We promise it’ll be worth it. The first issue of Fangoria lands in October - which gives you a hint as to what we’ll be covering in that issue… 

A one-year subscription to Fangoria is $60 plus shipping & handling. That’s about 25% off the cover price of $19.79 (WINK) and gets you a PACKED new Fango in October, January, April and July (which, by the way, is our 40th anniversary issue - it’s gonna be epic).

We can’t wait for you guys to experience the new Fangoria, and we just know you’re going to love it. 

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