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Vol. 1, No. 1
March, 1995
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK Ltd.
Editor: Marcus Hearn
Cover: Photo cover
Pages: 52 A4-size pages

Marvel Comics UK hit the disembodied head out of the ballpark EC-style with HAMMER HORROR. Whether editor Marcus Hearn approached Marvel to do this or the other way around is moot -- the 'zine got published and we Monster Kids and especially Hammer Film fans are the better for it. Hearn, as you may know, is the UK's resident author and expert on all things Hammer. With books like The Art of Hammer, The Hammer Vault, Hammer Glamour, and The Hammer Story, Mr. Hearn shows no sign of running out of material on Britain's favorite fright films.

HAMMER HORROR #1 was published as the March 1995 issue and was preceded by the HAMMER HORROR COLLECTOR'S SPECIAL in 1994. There must have been some interest in the title and the result was a regularly-published series helmed by Hearn.

Subtitled, "The Essential Guide to Classic Horror", HH reads almost like an encyclopedia of facts and information on Hammer Films. Included in this issue is material on Peter Cushing (of course!), Christopher Lee (no kidding!), Hazel Court (yeah, baby!), Ken Russell's hallucinatory fantasy about the creation of the Frankenstein story, GOTHIC, and lots of other really good stuff.

This magazine is not hard to come by if you look for it, and it is highly recommended here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD!

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Dr. Theda said...

Good post !! we grew up with Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein, and Lee as Dracula...


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