Monday, June 19, 2017


Dell Movie Classics #12-190-612
1966 (No month given)
Writer: Don Arneson (from a story by Terry Nation)
Artists: Dick Giordano (Pencils); Sal Trapani (Inks)
Pages: 36
Cover price: 12 cents

I remember watching early episodes of DR. WHO on television (as best I can remember it was on the local PBS station) and thinking how odd and different it was from US television science fiction like STAR TREK and LOST IN SPACE. Its energy, despite the claustrophobic sets, as well as the serial-style excitement was a little seductive and I can see now why it is survived all these years with not only a cult following, but a popular following.

In 1965, Amicus Productions purchased the rights to produce Dr. Who feature films. The first was titled, DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS, and starred Peter Cushing as the good doctor himself. Released on 25 June 1965 in the UK and July 1966 in the US, the story was loosely based on the second Dr. Who TV series, "The Daleks", broadcast over the 1963/64 season on the BBC.

Dell Comics had a "Movie Classics" imprint and landed a deal to adapt the film as a comic book story after it was released in the States. Indicated as authorized edition and "A souvenir of the British Lion Film Corporation", it was published by arrangement with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Terry Nation, and Souvenir Press, Limited. 

Dell's adaptation is noted as being the first printed story relating to Doctor Who in the American market and would remain so until IDW Publishing published a new comic book series in 2008. With a script by the prolific and capable Don Arneson (he scripted many of the Gold Key DARK SHADOWS comics) and drawn by Dick Giordano with inks by Sal Trapani, the story is well done, thrilling, and worth another look.


Dr. Theda said...

One Word...."Awesome" !!!!!!
(as a long-time fan of the Daleks) Thank you very Much... the Only good things in days

John said...

I'm glad it brought some enjoyment to you, Good Doctor! It surely has a unique place in sci-fi/fantasy history.


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