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Cutting his artistic teeth in the comics, Frank Frazetta evolved into the consummate fantasy and commercial illustrator of our times. When he died in 2010 he was famous the world over and revered by an untold number of his peers.

Shown today are examples from his personal collection that have been put up for auction by his estate.

Frank Frazetta (American, 1928-2010)
Red Planet, 1974
Oil on masonite
24 x 15.625 in.
Signed and dated lower right

This classic, peak-period fantasy masterpiece was published as the cover for Time War by Lin Carter, Dell, 1974.

Having been frustrated with publishers not returning his work when he began his famed paperback cover run in the early 1960s, Frazetta found the perfect situation with Lancer books, whose Conan the Barbarian series became the perfect vehicle for the artist. With a larger payment and the return of his art, the ever competitive Frazetta was determined to show the world what he was capable of-the rest is history, with his iconic images of the barbarian setting the standard that has yet to be equaled.

Authors such as Lin Carter followed the popularity of Conan with fantasy work for larger publishers and Frazetta honed his craft with striking images such as this painting that jumped off the rack: a bold composition, brightly colored, with a heroic hero and beautiful female, demonstrating Frazetta's unique imagination and creativity.

A mainstay of the Frazetta Museum, this painting is being made available for the first time by the Frazetta estate. Proceeds will Benefit the Frank Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, which has again opened its doors to the public.

At some point after the publication of the book, Frazetta altered various aspects of the painting to heighten the drama and make the image less specific to the story and more appropriate for a gallery setting (a practice not atypical for the artist); these specific changes are evident when comparing the painting to the published book cover.

Frank Frazetta Fire and Ice "Darkwolf" Animation Maquette Model (1981). Frank Frazetta's epic Barbarian-and-Monster tale, Fire and Ice, was released as an animated feature film in 1983, directed by Ralph Bakshi. For the film's Conan-like cowled hero, Darkwolf, Frazetta hand-crafted a clay model which he used to create this plaster animator's maquette bust. The 3-D bust measures approximately 3.5" wide by 5" tall, resting on a "wood block" base measuring 3.5" x 4.75" x 1.5", and it is understood that approximately 20-25 copies were made during the films production (with some undoubtedly not surviving the last 30 years), so this a rare item. The bust has a few minor chips in the base area, and some handling wear, but is in overall Fine condition. Inscribed and dated on the right side.

Frank Frazetta Fire and Ice Hand-Painted and Signed Caveman Maquette (c. 1982). Here is a real treat for the discerning Frank Frazetta fan! A hand-painted artists maquette of the bust of a caveman, produced for the Ralph Bakshi feature film Fire and Ice, that comes directly from Frazetta's personal collection. Frazetta was responsible for the character development for the film. About this statue, Frank Frazetta Jr. notes, "...a rare, one of a kind Caveman sculpture that my father did for the Fire and Ice film. There were a total of 50 sets created. Most were given to the artists for reference, but only two sets were ever hand-painted, this is the caveman head, painted by my father and hand-signed in white paint, on the rear lower base." The piece has actually been signed by Frazetta three times, once in the front in black marker, once on the back in black marker, and once on the back in white paint, over the black marker signature. The handsome bust measures approximately 6.75" tall, and the base measures 4.25" x 3.5". In Excellent condition. From the Frank Frazetta Estate.

Frank Frazetta's Personal Painting Supplies - Brushes and Holders Group of 15 items (undated). The Master's tools! This group contains two metal boxes used by Frazetta to store his art supplies. One of them bears a couple of his sigil signatures on the side. Also included is a collection of of those same art supplies he used, including: four brushes, three pencils, a wooden painting knife/palette knife, a used tube of Paynes Grey acrylic paint, two bottles of black ink, a used can of Linseed Oil, and a slightly used bottle of thinner. From the Frank Frazetta Estate.

Frank Frazetta-Owned Canon T-50 35 mm SLR Camera (Canon, c. early 1980s). A Canon T50 used by Frank Frazetta to shoot reference photos and models for his drawings and paintings. In the early 1980s the T50 was introduced as a wave-of-the-future 35 mm SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera and was the first of the T-series cameras. Coming with a 50 mm 1:1.8 bayonet lens, the camera was designed to respond to the user automatically and is easy to use. This camera came to us directly from Frank Frazetta Jr. In untested condition, but appears to be in Excellent condition. From the Frank Frazetta Estate.

Frank Frazetta-Owned Kodak Tourist Camera (Kodak, 1950s). The Kodak Tourists were the last in a long line of American-made, folding, roll film cameras, from Eastman Kodak. This is Frank Frazetta's personal camera and was used to photograph many of his models and studies used in the production of some of his early and best known artwork. Coming from the 1950s, we can only imagine the pieces of famous art that this camera helped to produce! In lovingly used conditon. Not tested. From the Frank Frazetta Estate.

Frank Frazetta-Owned Nizo S8T Super 8 Camera (Braun/Nizo, 1967). Offered here is Frank Frazetta's personal Nizo S8T Super 8 camera, with power/manual zoom, fully automatic exposure control, and a reflex viewfinder. This camera comes to us directly from Frank Frazetta Jr., and was used by his father to film family outings and to garner ideas for his original art work. Who knows what great Frazetta works were inspired by the images that his camera captured? A few scratches, nicks, and dings. Untested; otherwise in Fine condition. From the Frank Frazetta Estate.

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