Monday, February 6, 2017


Cheapie? Yes! Campy? Yes! Goofy? Most assuredly, yes! I could wax on, ad infinitum with less than supportive adjectives for this wild and crazy 1953 B-movie sci-fi/horror thriller, CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON, but the redundancy would only be repetitious.

Made by Z-M Productions and released by Astor Films (known for other box-office bombshells like FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER and SHE DEMONS) on September 3, 1953, a description that sums up the movie on IMDB couldn't have been put better, or more succinctly for that matter: "Astronauts travel to the moon where they discover it is inhabited by attractive young women in black tights."

Laugh if you will, guffaw if you must, but CWOM has numerous notable qualities. What, you say? Let me explain: the makeup was done by budget-minded wizard Harry Thomas, who time after time came up with startling creations to scare the pants off of drive-in movie goers, the music was written by -- wait for it -- Elmer Bernstein (!), who had just finished the score for -- wait for it again -- ROBOT MONSTER! To top it off, no less than three -- count 'em -- 3 techs worked on the special effects and optics. So, before you go and write off this flick, just remember what kind of talent went into the making of this picture. Granted, the 50s were still young and so were most of the filmmakers.

Now, gaze in wide-eyed wonder at the one-sheet and lobby card set for the astounding CAT WOMEN OF THE MOON!


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