Saturday, February 11, 2017


Vol. 1 No. 2
Summer 1989
Publisher: GCR Publishing Group
Editor: Bruce J. Schoengood
Pages: 68

The second issue of HORRORFAN hit the stands bolstered by a huge editorial and production staff. From what I can ascertain, GCR publishing was original part of the "Swank Magazine Corp." which was part of the Martin Goodman publishing empire, but the name seems to be now associated with a food publishing group.

Editor Schoengood's introduction tells of fan mail from the first issue "pouring in" with "positive response". It appeared that fans of horror movies were glad to see another magazine dedicated to monsters. He also went on to say that there were many requests for more material on 40s and 50s monsters. HF responded with articles on Jack Arnold and Cinema Gimmicks.

The rest of the issue had plenty to sink one's teeth into: TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE's Gunnar Hansen provided a guest article, novelist Ann Rice was interviewed, actor Richard Lynch was profiled, covens and cults were covered and film gimmicks were featured along with the usual reviews.


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