Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Vol. 1 No. 18
December 31, 1972
Publisher: Monster Times Publishing Company
Produced and Created by: Larry Brill and Les Waldstein
Editor: Joe Kane
Managing Editor: Joe Brancatelli
Pages: 32

For your pleasure, today feature is a randomly-selected issue of the world's first and only print monster newspaper. For a monster "zine" with a relatively small page-count, MT had an impressively large staff, which might have been a contributing factor to its demise after just four years in July 1976 with its 48th issue, which is not a bad run, all things considered.

Created by the team of Larry Brill and Les Waldstein, it becomes apparent why MT was printed in newspaper form instead of the more conventional magazine format -- Brill and Waldstein were designers for the porn and counterculture newspaper SCREW (the inspiration behind Larry Flynt's HUSTLER) -- they simply just used the same format and changed the content.

This issue includes an article on one of my favorite "guilty pleasure" B-horror films, THE MONSTER OF PIEDRAS BLANCAS. While it contains the obligatory summary of the film, it also includes some production info as well. Also included is a column written by TV Horror Host Seymour (Larry Vincent), coverage of Hammer's DRACULA A.D. 1972, and an article on a Willis O'Brien concept that was never produced.



Dr. Theda said...

They (like Famous Monsters) still Owe me items ordered from Them ( now worth much more than back then)...

John said...

Yes, I've heard of mail order nightmares from a number of folks. Hard to tell what the reason was besides plain incompetence or downright robbery, but magazines were oftentimes notorious for this.


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