Saturday, January 21, 2017


Bill Ward (1919-1998) was a top "good girl" artist for many years, and more recently celebrated as one of the premiere "fetish artists". His work ranged from the beautiful to the bawdy, and he was at his best when he combined the two. His specialty was buxom, full-hipped women with figures popping out of their clothes, and who found themselves in situations where innuendo and double entendre were inescapable. Many of his drawings caught women in their bedroom wearing lingerie, where he was able to exercise his fine line and velvety brush work on nylons, garters and other feminine accoutrements. His rendering of satin and black leather is some of the best ever.
During his career, Ward contributed to comics (BLACKHAWK, TORCHY), men's magazines (HUMORAMA, JUGGS, LEG SHOW) and paperbacks. He did the cover for the 8th edition of Bill Overstreet's COMIC BOOK PRICEGUIDE in 1978. As both "Ward" and "McCartney", he also had work in CRACKED MAGAZINE, including numerous horror strips (see example below).
Shown here is an original single panel gag cartoon with a horror theme that prompts the phrase, "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?" The 15" X 21.5" piece is rendered in ink, graphite and white paint on paper.




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