Tuesday, November 22, 2016


I've met Pete Von Sholly a couple of times at MONSTERPALOOZA. The last time was when he was finishing up his "History of Monsters" project. To see these fantastic panels of monster art up close and personal was indeed a treat.

Something else he had was a few copies his comic book series, STORIES TO MAKE YOU SAY UGH!, Sholly's tribute to Warren's CREEPY and other classic horror comics. Mr. Von Sholly gifted me a couple and signed them for me.

Now comes his Kickstarter project that collects all the issues of UGH! into one, giant-sized, 100-page book. There is little over a week left to support his project, so go on over and check it out by clicking HERE. Why not consider giving Pete a kick? I did!

Here's Pete's pitch in his own words:
"What, me kickstarter???

HI! Please take a look at my first kickstarter project and consider donating something to it! I am offering a big 100+ page collection of my comic STORIES TO MAKE YOU SAY UGH! It's horror and humor featuring Lovecraft, monsters and dinosaurs (a few of my favorite things!)

I am hoping to raise only $1600 to cover printing and shipping. I hope you feel it's worth supporting this effort!

With much appreciation, Pete Von Sholly".

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