Monday, November 7, 2016


Men, are you suffering from embarrassing, Kong-sized underarm odor? Does your "Jane" treat you like a skunk ape instead of "Lord of the Jungle"? Maybe it's time to try "Brute 88", the deodorant spray for gorillas and other apes. Use it once and you'll never hear her use the word, "Ungawa!" again ... guaranteed.

Words like this could have been used to advertise this fictional product parodying the Brut brand of deodorant in 1974 for the 10th series of Topps' Wacky Packages. Commercial artist and pulp illustrator Norman Saunders was the lead artist at Topps and painted the card shown here. The 5"x7" original image was produced using opaque watercolors on heavy Bristol board. Saunders was also the artist on the infamous Mars Attacks cards.

The Wacky Ad original art matted and framed.

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