Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Any Monster Kid worth his wolfs bane knows that Zacherley was the coolest ghoul on television back in the days of SHOCK THEATER. His studio sets were always crowded with the creepiest stuff imaginable.

Zach also knew what kind of masks to have on hand, too. For instance, the mask in the lower left shown in the photo below looks suspiciously like a Topstone witch mask. You can almost hear Zach saying: "What's that doing here? We don't wear masks on this show!"

BONUS: Here's the first ad for Zacherley's own mask for sale in issue #8 of FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND (it's the one on the left, wiseguy). It was sold through "General Promotions Co." which would soon become the famous Captain Company mail order department that we all know took up about a third of each magazine that Warren published.

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Dr. Theda said...

Cool post...!!! And Hope that Halloween was good to you and yours...
really like the Zacherley Tribute (at top of blog).


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