Wednesday, November 9, 2016


There were numerous versions of the "One Sheet" theater advertising posters that were created and issued for Universal's DRACULA (1931). The one featured here on today's post is considered the rarest -- only three copies are known to exist.

This copy was sold at auction in March 2009. The owner, who was a fanatical comic book and horror collector and investor saw the gavel drop with the final price of $310,700.00!

The owner's name was Nicolas Cage.

Description of the auction lot:
Dracula (Universal, 1931). One Sheet (27" X 41") Style F.
When Universal Studios went way out on a limb to produce and release this gothic horror thriller with a little known Hungarian actor in the lead role, they produced a number of promotional posters to complement its debut in theaters. There were four different one sheet posters produced, one of which was done in an orange and black, photographic style of which two copies are known to exist. Another style produced did not picture the famous count at all! It merely showed large eyes peering out of darkness at a supine young beauty. The style A poster features just a menacing portrait of Lugosi, and there is only one copy known of that style! Offered in this lots is one of three known existing copies of this style poster picturing the most famous cinema vampire in history from one of the most ground-breaking films of all time! This gorgeous copy has been conserved on linen with touch-up to a couple of pinholes in each corner. There are several minor tears in the border and very minor crossfold separation with tiny paper loss at two points in the poster. There were a couple of small scratches near the Dwight Frye character's right hip which have been touched-up as well. The minor conservation work was performed beautifully. The other two copies of this museum quality one sheet are now in collections, and may not come up for sale for years to come! This is a chance to acquire a cornerstone to the most advanced collection. Provenance; From the Collection of Nicolas Cage. Very Fine on Linen.  

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