Sunday, September 8, 2013


Reminding potential readers of its direct-sale marketing only, the publishers of FANGORIA announced earlier this week the contents of their highly-anticipated first relaunched issue of their sister magazine, GOREZONE.

GOREZONE will not be sold on newsstands. Right now, until September 15, you can get a discounted 6-issue subscription HERE.
  • BLOOD FEST Reintroducing: GOREZONE!
  • RETROSPECTIVE: “PIECES” A lengthy look back at the chainsaw cult classic with the late director Juan Piquer Simon.
  • TRIBUTE: CHAS. BALUN Filmmakers, writers and artists alike all welcomed his Pieces o’ Mind.
  • PREVIEW: “SWITCHBLADE INSANE” SOVeteran Tim Ritter takes us behind the screams of his contribution to the “Hi-8” anthology shocker.
  • INTERVIEW: WALTER RUETHER He made “Death by VHS” for about the cost of a VCR back in the day.
  • TIM LUCAS: TALES FROM THE ATTIC There’s still more to learn about the oeuvre of Jess Franco.
  • INTERVIEW: IAN McCULLOCH The British actor made three Italian-backed trips into the world of flesheaters and fanatics.
  • PREVIEW: “THE PROFANE EXHIBIT” Another omnibus flick gives FX favorite Sergio Stivaletti his latest turn in the director’s chair.
  • INTERVIEW/PICTORIAL: LINNEA QUIGLEY With over 30 years in the horror biz, she’s still going strong and looking good.
  • TOM SAVINI’S MAKEUP FX LAB How to serve up Bacon (Kevin) with extra red sauce.
  • REPORT: THE HOUSECORE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL Pantera’s Philip H. Anselmo et al. bring macabre movies and music to the masses.
  • FICTION: “ART IS THE DEVIL” A tale of sexy girls and Satanism from the cerebrum of John Skipp.
  • SPLATTER HALL OF FAME “The Incredible Melting Man”

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