Friday, September 13, 2013


Few people will argue if you say that Peter Sellers was a comedic genius. His Inspector Clouseau from the PINK PANTHER film series will reign forever at the top of the best comedy characters of all time.

Sellers was also quite adept at spoofing his fellow actors and other characters from history and fiction. The pictorial photographed by the team of Horn/Griner for the April, 1964 issue of PLAYBOY shows his prowess at just that.

The commentary begins with the mention of Seller's as a "worthy successor to the silent films' "Man of A Thousand Faces", Lon Chaney. Hardly true as, although he poses in the guise of many character, it is not mentioned -- nor is it likely -- that Sellers applied his own makeup as any Monsterologist worth his weight in wolfbane knows that Chaney did.

Nevertheless Mr. Sellers does a remarkable job in depicting great lovers of history and film of his own choosing. From Valentino, to Grant, to Groucho, as well as Bela Lugosi in his role of County Dracula, Sellers creates "near-miraculous metamorphoses to the celluloid amorists of yesteryear."

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