Tuesday, September 3, 2013


"Hollywood is the most dangerous place in the world. It is sure to be, for an actress, who has to work on herself as a human being more than anyone else because she is supposed to be a symbol of many others." - Academy Award Winner, Luise Rainer
Editor Bob King must be a very busy man. While he's not putting together the latest FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE magazine, he's cranking out monthly issues of CLASSIC IMAGES (which incorporates the former MOVIE COLLECTOR'S WORLD). Both of these publications exude the warm nostalgia of the "good old days" of Hollywood.

I just received the September issue of CLASSIC IMAGES (#459!). Like it's sister publication, it contains lengthy articles on screen personalities of the past. I was particularly enthralled with the captivating biography of Luise Rainer, star of such vintage classics as THE GREAT ZIEGFELD and THE GOOD EARTH.

Miss Rainer, a native of Germany, celebrated her 103rd birthday this year. She was the first to receive back-to-back Oscars. Only four others (including Tracy and Hepburn) have done it since then. The article is accompanied by my count, at least 40 photos (!).

In other features, Sally Kellerman talks about her days playing Hot Lips Houlihan in M.A.S.H. and her new autobiography, Read My Lips, and the aging beauty Maureen O'Hara appears in public at a John Wayne birthday celebration earlier this year.

Our favorite monsters are not overlooked in this issue, either. The word is out regarding new Blu-ray releases of Universal's THE WOLF MAN, FRANKENSTEIN, THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN, and DRACULA. Also getting the Blu-ray treatment are THE FLY and, deserving or not, a Kino restoration of DEVIL BAT. Peter Dendle's The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia (McFarland) is covered in the book review section, Gloria (Dracula's Daughter) Holden's birthday is remembered, and there are capsule obits of cult actress Haji and Karen Black. Included is the news about Heritage Auction's big day with their $262,000-plus sale of a rare 1931 FRANKENSTEIN insert. Not a bad monster count for a mainstream movie publications!

Similar to FILMS OF THE GOLDEN AGE, there is much to like about CLASSIC IMAGES. Even with the shortage of monster material (and there is generally at least a tidbit or two in each issue), there are tons of ads and resources for film fans and collectors. I even ordered a few DVDs from one of the advertisers, including a print of SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, which I haven't seen since I went with my Dad (it was rated "R", after all!) to the Art Theater in Canoga Park, CA when it was released back in the Summer of 1969.

I recommend both publications. You can support them, too, by visiting www.classicimages.com.

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