Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Hot on the heels of their latest issue, the fear-folks at FAMOUS MONSTERS have wasted no time in revealing the cover(s) and contents of their next issue, #267, to be exact (only if you count using Forry math, if you know what I mean!).

The newsstand cover image is a beauty of a Bob Eggleton rendition of the H.P. Lovecraft cosmic horror known as The Great Cthulhu. Plus, Lovecraft expert S.T. Joshi discusses the mythos that the famous pulp writer created (actually, the term was never used by Lovecraft -- it was coined by August Derleth -- but I'm sure Joshi will explain that.

The subscriber cover (God! Why do they do this?!) is a nice Kong vs T-Rex. Like with the current Sanjulian CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON cover, a bonus 3-pack is being offered with the Kong/Rex image.

Here's the 4-1-1 from FM:

“FAMOUS MONSTERS #267 is now available for PRE-ORDER! Skull Island reveals its secrets once more. 80 years ago, Merian C. Cooper and Willis O'Brien unleashed the 8th Wonder of the World on filmgoers: King Kong! We'll look back at the cast, crew, and legacy of filmland's tragic King. We'll also explore the stories of one of Hollywood's most influential, yet seldom seen, monsters: Chtulhu. Scholar S.T. Joshi leads a team of experts as we dive into the "Mythos" and uncover the hidden power behind Lovecraft's greatest creation. Plus: STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, our new TERROR BY DESIGN column, and much more!”

Way to go, guys!


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