Friday, January 18, 2013


Memorabilia collectors will go to great lengths to own the tiniest pieces from their favorite actor or actress's life. Seeming insignificant minutiae to the layman can be a veritable Holy Grail to a collector.

Case in point: offered by an auction house in 2011 was a signed check by Rod Serling. The Bank of America (San Vicente, Los Angeles branch) check, dated 7 JANUARY 1967, is made out to General Telephone Co. in the amount of $271.22 and clearly signed by Mr. Serling.

The auction closed with the item selling for $369.00, a bit more than the original amount of the check. Equally interesting to me is how much Serling's phone bill was. At almost $300 for a single month, that is a hefty sum in those days, making it quite obvious he spent a lot of time on phone calls to New York and other places afar.

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