Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well, no sooner have I been back in business here at MONSTER MAGAZINE WORLD with a new computer and reclaimed files, than Blogger goes belly up with their image upload function. In short, the window that's used to upload pictures from a computer to a blog has stopped working. It's been that way for several days. According to one forum it is a "known issue" by Blogger. Swell.

For those using Google's Blogger, I have found a work-around, though. It takes a little more time, but it works nonetheless. The "add image" feature from a Picasa Web Album is operational and it allows you to upload images from your hard drive. So, first you upload to Picasa, then add the image from your blog page utility. Clunky, but it'll do until things are fixed.

Thanks, Google! A great New Year's Gift!


Dr. Theda said...

Yes This "issue" really "Pi$$es us Off.... I have to pay Extra to post images at the crypt ... any idea when they mar have this resolved..???
Thank you Good Sir for this conformation... the Doctor

John said...

I have no word yet, Doctor. Who knows?

Dr. Theda said...

I is difficult at best to put together a post in this way... but at least I can post images... though they do not always end up where I wanted them... this is a "pain in the a$$"

Cousin Barnabas said...

I haven't had this problem ... yet. Thanks for the Pixasa tip, though. It's probably just a matter of time before I'll need to implement it.


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