Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Despite numerous and plentiful "feedback" sent to the Big Giant Blogger Head (or maybe more appropriately, the Big Giant Void) at Google, I am still unable to upload images from my computer to my blog -- a function that worked just fine until a week ago.

After tiring of the work-around discussed a couple of days ago, I decided to take the advice of a comment made on a forum that I came across while trying to troubleshoot my problem. The advice said to try another web browser.

So, here I am using Mozilla Firefox. After the 30 seconds it took to download the free program, I hafta tell ya', folks, this puppy's not too shabby. Tons faster than Internet Explorer, and without the useless frills. Just a serious browser with enough swag to to get the job done.

Voila! The upload images function has worked flawlessly in the first try. Plus, Firefox allows you to select multiple images to upload instead of having to select one image at a time. So far, the experience has been -- dare I say it so soon -- enjoyable!

1 comment:

Dr. Theda said...

I normally use Mozilla Firefox... and I Still have the issues tat you posted earlier


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